First Day For Hernandez

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"I think we had a very good day."
Monday was a big day for Linda Hernandez. After years in student support for Rockford, today was her first day as acting superintendent of District 205.
"Well, actually a lot of the same things I would worry about as a student support person are the same as they are today. The calls would come in to me on the other side of the hall on the other side of the hall if parents were complaining about teachers, or situations at school."
A smooth ride after a brief teacher strike scare that ended last night when teachers approved a contract agreement 806 to 10.
"It was a compromise on both sides and I think the board will be happy with it."

Right now, Hernandez says that she's still interested in the position for the longterm, however she understands the board may want to wait a while to see how things go and if they do she says thats their prerogative.

"I think it's gonna be terrific. I mean, I hope it is. I couldn't be more upbeat about the teachers, about the kids, about the principals."

One of the more highly anticipated programs was the freshman foundation, which Hernandez says went smoothly. Next on the agenda? Tackling the district budget.