Residents React to Woodlawn Avenue Shooting

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Rockford's Scott Seehuetter has had enough and seen enough on Woodlawn Avenue.

"As far as our five, six house section, we all share the same frustrations, see the same things," Seehuetter said.

Less than a day after a man was shot and left in critical condition at 1033 Woodlawn, Seehuetter says along with constant speeders, the incident wasn't the first time in recent months that gunfire lit off in the a.m. hours.

"Kids were upstairs in the window looking out when she popped off a couple of rounds across the street," Seehuetter said.

With speeders, Seehutter says too many problems exist on his block and too few are willing to make it better.

"I guess a stronger police presence it would move elsewhere. It's hard to throw a certain thing on it, that'd be solid, just more people caring about what's going on around here I suppose," Seehuetter said.

The family is planning to move out of the neighborhood in the coming months. Until then, Scott says he'll keep a constant eye and ear on his neighborhood.

"I've been speaking up since I've been here and no one's ever come up you know tried to do anything. I don’t know if it's they think I'm a jerk. I try to keep my face out there and let them all know that I don't appreciate what's going on. Sometimes it slows down, sometimes it doesn't, but I think it makes a difference.”