Long Summer Comes to End

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Students in Wisconsin head back to school Tuesday.

This is the longest summer break ever for Wisconsin students, thanks to a new law.

That's right, a new law in Wisconsin forbids schools from starting classes before Sept. 1. The law was backed by the tourism industry. Many in the business say their employees were going back to school when tourism was at its prime.

Student Mike Streich says he's glad he didn't have to worry about homework over the holiday weekend, but some of his friends weren't as lucky.

“A lot of my friends didn't do their schoolwork because they ended up coming out here from Illinois,” says Streich.

With all the customers the tourism industry has to serve, they need as many helping hands as they can get.

“As we get busier, we need more employees. And employees - you get them where you can - it's tough,” says George Henerley of the Lake Geneva Chamber of Commerce.

Students, as well as teachers, make up a good portion of the workforce. The new law helps keep them on the job longer, which also means more money.

“It's allowing me to work and extra week and hopefully the weather cools down a bit before we go back to the classroom,” adds teacher Alison Belot.

School district leaders are not as happy. They say the law has taken away some control from local school boards. They’re trying to get this law repealed.