Stephenson County Emergency Management

The current Pecatonica River level, as of 10:00 AM, is 12.19 feet. The National Weather Service is projecting a crest of 13.4 feet between Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Upstream from Freeport, the Pecatonica River at Winslow is currently at 14.51 feet and is near cresting.

The Stephenson County Emergency Management Agency working with the City of Freeport’s Fire and Police Department’s and the Northwest Illinois Chapter of the American Red Cross are advising the impact of the current projection will be minor. Past history has shown that the potential impact to the area increases after the Pecatonica River reaches a level of 14.5 feet.

Persons who live in or near the Pecatonica flood plain should make sure that their sump pumps (if installed) are working properly and move valuable possessions from the basement to an upper level in the home.
Should the area around the Pecatonica flood plain receive an unpredicted heavy rain, 2 inches or more, minor flooding could be expected in and around the area of the Pecatonica flood plain. Should this unexpected event occur, the Unified Command begin to release instructions and regular information for the persons living in the Pecatonica flood plain.

The City of Freeport has placed, sand and sand bags, in the parking lot of Tutty’s Crossing on Stephenson Street should residents want to take precautionary steps.

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