Petition Drive Starting

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One question is answered but another more pressing question still remains. We told you about how the Oregon school district received an insurance check to rebuild Rahn Elementary School, but the big question in Mount Morris is still where is this new school going to be built?

Six months after Rahn was destroyed, the money to rebuild is finalized. The Oregon school district will receive $4.8 million. This insurance settlement will cover property loses caused by the blaze.

Now that the district has the cash, some residents want to know the future plan. Community members fear Rahn will never be a part of their community again and could be built in Oregon.

Instead of waiting for the school board to decide, Chris Corcoran is hoping to take that decision away. In October he will start collecting signatures for a binding referendum. Chris is hoping that next April a yes or no question saying “should Rahn be rebuilt in mount Morris?” will be on the ballot.

In October Chris and other community members will go door to door to collect over 790 signatures. If the community signs their support the decision as to where to rebuild Rahn could be out of the district's hands.