West Nile Warning

A mosquito pool in the 61107 area has also tested positive for West Nile. Luckily no human cases have been reported, however, you might recall an Ogle County man died of the mosquito borne illness earlier this month.

You might have noticed the influx of mosquito's recently, the weather we've been experiencing makes for the perfect breeding ground. The Winnebago Health Department says because there have been so many days over 90 degrees, mosquito activity is surging.

Those above normal temperatures increase the rate of 'culex' mosquito production and that's the mosquito that carries the West Nile Virus.

Here's what we can do to be more cautious, alert health officials of breeding sights, drain standing water in our yards at least once a week, avoid outdoor activity in the early morning and at dusk, and if you are going to be outside wear bug spray with DEET.

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