UPDATE: Double Murder Trial Begins

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UPDATE: Nearly three years after Police say a local couple was murdered near their two children, the case goes to trial.

Opening statements started today in the 2010 double murder case. Alexander Castillo is accused of fatally shooting Michael and Christa Clark inside a home on 21st street where their infant and seven year old were nearby. We’re told the child walked to the neighbor for help that day.

We’ll continue to update you on this trial.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- 26 year old Alexander Castillo was picked up in Janesville and is now facing murder charges.

A Rockford couple was shot to death overnight while their two you children slept in the house. And this marks the second time in a year a double homicide has occured in this neighborhood.

"Shocking. Just absolutely shocking.This is a nice quiet neighborhood. Neighbors keep track of other neighbors and everybody knows everybody. It's absolutely just shocking." As she said she was woken up at 3 in the morning to police knocking on her door.

Just after tow Monday morning police were called to this middle class neighborhood at 2108 21st Street. Thirty-four year old Michael Clark and his 29 year old wife Christa were found shot. Deputy Cheif Greg Lindmark informed us that, " There were two other individuals in the house. One was an infant and one was a child. They are both okay."

Neighbors that spoke to 23 News said they are shocked that something like this could happen in their own backyard, espeically since they've started to move past the double homicide that occured last year. It was just last July when an older couple, Rynato and Liticia Cardino were killed just blocks away.

"We had the trouble last year with the shooting down the street and that put everyone on edge around here. And now this is going to put everyone on edge too." says neighbor Joyce Beadnell.

The neighborhood is full of families with young kids and seniors. One even told 23 News she has started to lock her doors during the day when she is home.

Police still do not have a motive for the murders.

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