Rockford Schools Need To Find A New Leader

After talking behind closed doors for over an hour and a half, the board of education unanimously accepted Dr. Thompson’s resignation Tuesday night. But they give little information about who will fill his shoes.

The board could start a nationwide search, promote acting superintendent Linda Hernandez or name an interim superintendent. Hernandez says if the board decided to look nation wide she would throw her hat in the ring and hope her years of experience in Rockford would be a big advantage. As for Doctor Thompson, school board president Nancy Kalchbrenner says his tenure will be looked at as a positive one.

"He's a very strong leader, there were many things put in place. He put in a lot of leadership and through out the district people that worked on these programs and things we've put in place and I think there is support to continue them,” says Kalchbrenner.

Both the chief instructional officer and the assistant superintendent came to Rockford with Dr. Thompson, Kalchbrenner says there has been no indication so far that they would be leaving, but that it may be discussed in the near future.

An announcement about an interim superintendent is expected at next week's board meeting.

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