Harlem Strike Effects Families, Pocketbooks

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Another day of basketball and duck duck goose has parents in the Harlem School District antsy to get their kids back into the classroom.

"It's horrible that they don't give us any insight as when to they're going to go back," says Brenda Tinnin, who has four kids in the Harlem School District.

School is canceled Wednesday and will stay canceled until the Harlem Federation of Teachers and the Harlem School Board reach a contract agreement. While this issue is much too confusing for most kids, some realize they could be missing out.

"When we go to school, we can have our friends, play in the playgrounds, and talk, eat lunch and meet new people," says fifth graders Kelsey Lehmann and Allison Duncan.

Brianna Lehmann was looking forward to her very first day of high school, especially since only freshmen are present. Making those newbie jitters a little lighter.

"Getting lost in the hallways getting lost and walking into the wrong classroom and embarrassing myself," Lehmann says.

Luckily, Lehmann's mom owns a home day care, where she watches the neighborhood kids. But for others, it's a battle finding their kids a place to stay. About a dozen students were dropped off at the Harlem Community Center and 25 are expected on Wednesday. But for 20 bucks a kid per day, parents are eager for negotiations to finally come to an end.

If you need a place to send your kids tomorrow. Rockford's YMCA is offering a School's Out club for families in the Harlem District. The program is at the YMCA's Log Lodge from 6-45am to 5-30pm. It costs 25-dollars a day and includes several activities like swimming. YMCA staffers ask that the kids bring a sack lunch, wear comfortable clothes and bring a swim suit and towel.

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