Local Girl Scout Troop Nearby Hurricane Charley

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On Thursday, Girl Scout Troop 377 hit the beaches in St. Petersburg seeing not the boardwalk, but boarding up. Hurricane Charley was hours from hitting land, and the girls were scared.

"It was kind of nerve racking because it was like, it is going to hit right now and we are going to be stuck in this hotel, " says Jackie Anderson.

With St. Petersburg evacuating, the situation forced the Girl Scouts into action. The girls, and their moms, hit the phones, calling everyone from the Troop Council to the Red Cross, before finding a relative in nearby Lakeland.

"It was a lot better since we were in a group, we all thought of different ideas and we had a lot more people to call and work it out," Kendall Thacker says.

After fighting gridlock traffic, the troop arrived at the house, protected with cinderblock walls. With Charley's high winds and rains rushing nearby, the troops had found shelter.

"It was a pretty big relief because it was like we are safe now, we are set, and we don't have to go anywhere else," Anderson says.

While the storms raged, the girls played cards to keep calm. Hours later, they walked outside to see the damage firsthand.

"There were trees falling down. Luckily they went inward to the forest and everything, so they didn't really come crashing or anything,” Anderson explains.

It added a dramatic twist to their vacation, and the troop says they now have a "what did you do this summer" story that will top every one of their classmates.

"It was pretty scary but a good story to tell, so just to say that we made it through a hurricane not a lot of kids can say that," Bowes adds.