Rockford Couple Getting Married at OzzFest

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Their wedding won't have a church organ, and the bride and groom won't be in satin or silk. In fact, the Rockford couple isn't even getting married in a church, rather in their own musical shrine, Ozzfest.

Kerri Howard and David Dennis met three years ago working at Pegasus Hair Styling, but after getting engaged, the avid music fans wanted to go a different route for their wedding, a route far, far away from a traditional service.

Four months ago, Kerri, a huge Ozzy Osbourne fan, contacted an LA radio station with links to Sharon Osbourne. She wanted to see if it was possible to be married at Ozzfest, a daylong music festival going on outside of Madison.

The couple's dream came true, as promoters gave the okay for an Ozzfest marriage. The two will tie the knot after the band slipknot, with a minister and 15 friends and family close by. Both are excited about having the spirit of Ozzy right by their side.

"Well, we weren't necessarily planning on getting married in a church, so when we found out we could get married at Ozzfest, we were like alright," Dennis and Howard said. "So then we started planning and the ball just started rolling."

The couple does plan on having a traditional reception in September, where Dennis and Kerri will share their love with extended family.

The reception will be on David’s farm, but will still include several bands, just like the couple wants it.