9-11 Plans

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Red, white, and blue colored an otherwise gray day in Rockford, as Americans celebrated worker pride and patriotism. With Sept. 11 just days away many parade goers already know how they'll remember that terrible day just one year later.

"We’ll do a memorial at the house and remember those who lost their lives,” says one resident.

"My sons and I haven't decided exactly what we'll do but we'll probably sit down after I get home from work and they get home from school and do a retrospect,” says another resident.

Spending time with loved ones tops many people's list and so do religious ceremonies and memorials.

"I’ll go to some of the activities in Rockford and take the time to just enjoy Rockford,” comments a resident.

But for others moving forward is also important.

"I’m going to try and go about my regular day. I'll take time to remember but I want to try and move forward with my life."

One Rockford couple is taking a totally different approach.

"We’re heading to Vegas to get married,” says one local couple.

Whether it's celebrating love and family or focusing on making America bigger and better, Sept. 11 will gives us all time to pause and reflect.

Communities all across the stateline have events planned to honor the memory of Sept. 11 victims. Stay tuned to 23 News in the coming days for details.