Neighborhood Watch Group Walk

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The Mallquist Park Watch Group has been a busy bunch in the last three days.

Volunteers put 200 flyers on doorknobs and screen doors, all leading up to Thursday’s neighborhood walk, and a statement of making their presence known.

Close to 30 hit the streets of 16th Avenue Thursday night, walking several blocks and getting their crime-fighting message across.

The walk gave the watch group an opportunity to show they are unified and here to stay, and the group had company.

11th Ward Alderman Jeff Holt came along as well, getting advice on where to add new streetlights and other ideas to improve the neighborhood. Leaders are excited about their growing group, and results in making their streets safer.

“We're trying to put lights up in areas where there's no lights. We got them in the corner but not in the middle of the blocks and that's where we need em. We get the lights put up, that's going to knock out the problems in the area," neighborhood watch chairman Terry Olson says.

“The purpose of the walk is to get other neighbors excited that we can improve the neighborhood and make it a better place to live and also to let the individuals that are causing the problems know that this is neighborhood is strong and we're not going to put up with it," Holt says.

The Mallquist Park Neighborhood Watch Group has some exciting events on the horizon.

Leaders say Rockford Mayor Doug Scott plans to come out to their Sept. 2 meeting.

The group also is planning on a garage sale and picnic in the coming months.