Impact Fees Discussed

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Currently, Winnebago schools have about 1,700 students, but with 943 new development lots on the way in the next three to five years, school and village leaders say it's time some of the costs that come with new development are passed to developers through an impact fee.

On Wednesday night, the village held an informational meeting talking about how impact fees work in other surrounding counties.

Currently, Winnebago County has no impact fees in place. In Boone County, impact fees ranged from $500 to $4,300 to cover construction costs.

Winnebago school leaders say the fee would keep funding in place for new classrooms and schools as the village grows in population, but realtors see it differently, saying that with Winnebago’s student body isn't growing as fast as development.

It's unknown when a decision on impact fees will be decided in the village of Winnebago or Winnebago County as a whole.

Right now, it's stuck at the county's sub-committee level, where local leaders are still weighing the pros and cons of a possible impact fee.