Autoworkers Rally

It sounds great but what if it also means massive job cuts here at home? Belvidere Chrysler workers say that's exactly what will happen, they rallied in Chicago today against what they call the wrong plan for fuel efficiency.

More than 200 hundred Belvidere Chrysler workers packed into three buses, headed for Chicago, the one goal fueling their actions, to rally for the Hill Terry Bill in the US House on new fuel economy standards.

Workers argue that a Senate proposal passed back in June is the wrong engine for change. It says by 2020, cars, suvs, and trucks would all have to get at least 35 miles per gallon.

Congressman Don Manzullo worries weight will perhaps decrease for suvs and that could affect safety. Plus, since 70% of vehicles made by Chrysler are trucks, suvs or vans workers say major adjustments for Chrysler, including job cuts would be on the way.

The alternative plan being touted here in Chicago would keep different fuel standards for cars compared to trucks but Congressman Manzullo says the standards would still be tough.

If Hill-Terry increases fuel economy to 32 to 35 miles per gallon by 2022, Manzullo says its a win win for both of us, the consumer and the auto industry.

The house will debate the alternative plan as far as different fuel standards for suvs and cars after its August recess.

Manzullo says that should be sometime in mid-September.

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