On the Waterfront a Huge Success

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It pulls in the biggest amount of visitors for the entire year in Rockford. On the waterfront is wrapping up after a successful weekend.

More than 370,000 visits this year for On the Waterfront. Those numbers not up from last year - but the festival continues to grow. More than 300 hours of music, booths, food and fun for the thousands of people that attended. As you know, security was much tighter this year. Volunteer numbers up as well - more than 5,000 in all worked through the weekend to make the largest summer festival in the midwest a success.

The On the Waterfront committee tells 23 news they are already starting to plan next year's festival, and there promises to be some twists - for On the Waterfront's 20 year anniversary.

No major security problems we're reported over the weekend, however someone cut loose an on the waterfront balloon from Davis Park. The same thing happened last year. The balloon turned up on a roof a couple miles away, so be on the look out for that balloon if you live in Rockford.

On the waterfront started back in 1983 - in it's first year, the festival only took up a few city blocks. n the first night of the festival back in '83, the downtown area lost power - but people stayed anyway - they've been coming back ever since.