Morrissey Talks About Flooding For The First Time

Top on the priority list is repairing the Alpine Dam. The Mayor spoke to the media for the first time since returning from his ten day honeymoon in Canada, he said he was not waiting around for federal help to repair the Alpine Dam but he would use local money from the sales tax and other avenues and hope that some of that money will eventually be reimbursed at the federal level.

23 News asked the Mayor just how much contact he had with City Administrator and acting Mayor Jim Ryan during the hours and days immediately following Tuesday morning's flood.

He replied, "I was in daily contact and in times throughout the day in contact with city staff obviously it's makes for something less than the traditional honeymoon experience. We definitely had conversations on whether he should come back."

The Mayor says that so far 18 homes in the city have been condemned, 768 others have been damaged as a result of Tuesday's flooding.

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