Sex Offender Moves Back Home

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Most people don't want a repeat sex offender living on their block. Especially when dozens of kids will soon start walking to school everyday. And the fact Daniel D. Anderson of 2425 Sunshine Lane in Beloit drives around in a motor home, has many keeping an eye on his wear abouts.

"I think it's really bad I don't trust him what he did before was really horrible I think he should be in jail for the rest of his life," says neighbor Terri Reece.

Debra Konopa warned her 12-year-old grandson Devin about Anderson. And and says she'll spread the word to everyone nearby.

"If I see any children go up to him, I will speak to the children and warn them not to go near that man that he has been a danger to other children," she says.

Beloit Police handed out this flier at a meeting for neighbors that live within a two block radius from Anderson. The flier informed them of his record, which consists of assaulting a 16-year-old and six-year-old girl and abducting two other minor females. But no matter how heinous the crime, police say it's better to let sex offenders stay put.

"If you put too many restrictions on that they can't live in this area what that does is force them to go underground to where they won't register. And then you're in more danger cause you don't know you're living there," says Captain William Tyler.

Unlike Illinois, Wisconsin law doesn't require sex offender to live a certain distance from schools and parks, as long as they're no longer on probation. And since Anderson served his entire 17-year-sentence, he can live where ever he wants.

We tried to contact Anderson at his home, but no one answered the door. Now when he was released from prison in late June, he did not register his address. So he was arrested once again. If he's convicted of failing to comply, he could serve another six years in prison. If you're interested in finding out whether one of your neighbors is a sex offender, head to either;

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