Working Past 90

STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) -- For a lot of Americans, retirement is no longer the long-cherished dream it used to be.

More and more people are working past the usual retirement age: some for personal satisfaction, others because they have to.

Some are working well into their 90s and beyond. Grace Wiles is among them. She's 97 and still puts in 25 hours a week at a shoe repair shop in Maryland.

Waldo McBurney is a beekeeper in Kansas and, at 104, was recently declared America's oldest worker.

According to Labor Department figures, more than one million Americans 75 or older were on the job last year. That's about 6.4 percent of the age group and is up from 4.7 percent ten years earlier.

Manpower employment services company executive Melanie Holmes says it's the first time in U-S history that it's not unusual for four generations to be working together.

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