Provisions of Governor's Expanded Health Care Plan Released

--Breast and cervical cancer: Provide screening and treatment to all uininsured women; 261,000 people eligible; cost this year, $50 million.

--FamilyCare expansion: Access to uninsured parents making up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level; 147,000 eligible; cost, $43 million.

--Medical assistance: Provide a "medical home" with consistent physician care, drug coverage and other benefits to uninsured people without children who live below the poverty line; 302,000 eligible; cost $200 million.

--All Kids expansion: Affordable health care up to age 21 for children with pre-existing conditions who are currently in the All Kids insurance program; 7,000 eligible; cost, $15 million.

--Premium assistance: Subsidy of up $1,000 a year for health insurance premiums for people or families making up to 300 percent of the poverty level; cost, $155 million.

Total: 717,000 eligible; cost, $463 million.

Source: Governor's Office of Management and Budget.