Sewage In The Basement!

A couple hours after the rain stopped the flood waters receded in Belvidere. But many families were left with raw sewage in their basements

Robert Larson is one of those people. He and his neighbors say their homes have flooded several times in the last ten years. They believe the city doesn't have proper drainage on the south side. Residents claim that each time the flooding has occurred it has cost them tens of thousands of dollars a piece. Money that neither insurance companies nor the city of Belvidere will help them with.

“Who ever the board was (last year), refused to reimburse monetarily the individuals who lost everything, and I hope that’s not the case this year because I will be putting in another claim with the city," says Larson.

The Belvidere city council will discuss short term solutions next week. They also discussed bringing in an independent contractor to reevaluate the entire city’s approach to water management.

The council also talked about cracking down on illegal sub pumps which may have contributed to the city's flooding issues.

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