Local Reaction to Keyes Accepting Nomination

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After weeks of a sex scandal soap opera, GOP bickering and potential candidate rejections, the Illinois Republican party has its man Alan Keyes. It's a choice that local political science professor P.S. Ruckman says paints as a party picture in disarray.

"I think the lack, the inability to get someone within the state is indicative of chaos in the state party," Ruckman said.

Ruckman says that while republicans may have had troubles finding a candidate in house, the nationally known Keyes does bring positives to the table.

"The pluses for Keyes is he has high name recognition. He'll probably be able to generate some money and in a debate setting he'll be mildly impressive," Ruckman said.

But while Ruckman thinks Keyes can impress on the debate platform, his heavy conservative platform could be a double negative, in getting more liberals to the polls, while keeping moderate conservatives at home.

"He may mobilize people on the left but he may not be able to mobilize the center of the party," Ruckman said. Ruckman expects that if the race is lopsided, the election race won't be factored on race, but he says if the contest becomes close race could become a negative factor for Keyes.

"There will be a sharp divide and many African American organizations will rally to Obama's side and Keyes will be savaged violently," Ruckman said. “And with a republican opponent in place less than three months to election day, Ruckman says it's hard to see a scenario that has Alan Keyes as a U.S. Senator.

"If there's high voter turnout Obama wins. If there's low voter turnout Obama wins. The only way for Keyes is if democrats don't show up and he energizes the base and I don't see that happening," Ruckman said.