Volunteers Help Flooding Victims

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Brenda Reyes carries another load of water-logged leftovers from one of the many homes hit by this week's flooding in the Stateline. Reyes doens't live there and wasn't personally struck by the flood. She just felt compelled to help her neighbors clean up. "Was driving by and seen people hit crying. I just can't imagine what they're feeling," Reyes said. She was among as many as 80 local and out-of-state volunteers who came out Saturday to aid in the clean-up process. Base camp was here at Rockford's Hallstrom Center where volunteers checked in...and then hit the streets...carrying and unloading whatever they could from the affected homes. "Having been on gulf coast on relief things, that prompted me. Anytime I see houses with flooding, I want to come down to help," said Volunteer Bill Duey. There wasn't much water to deal with at this home....but volunteers still got a smelly reminder of what struck there five days ago. "The odor, that's the one thing you kind of have to get over," Reyes said. But they marched on....doing their part in the aftermath of this major disaster. And feeling proud of all the help taking place. "What is powerful here is how people are coming together to help one another," Duey said. Residents told volunteers they're grateful for the assistance...lifting some of the burden off a clean-up job likely to go on for days. We're told that clean-up efforts are cancelled for Sunday. For more information on volunteering, call the Salvation Army in Rockford or The Forest City Fellowship.

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