Parking On the Waterfront

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If you're planning to head to On the Waterfront, parking is always a consideration.

To make On the Waterfront the party it is, streets are closed and parking spots are blocked to make way for music, food and fun. So if you're looking for a place to park, many recommend a parking garage.

"Everything's all tied up and closed off so it's easier access," one attendee said.

Or try to hang out with a vendor because they can park up close.

"For a vendor it's okay but there's lot of traffic on Jefferson Street," another said.

The Waterfront-goers we talked with all have a strategy for getting to the big event. It involved a little planning and a lot of walking.

"I'd just as soon park seven or eight blocks away to get the exercise," one said.

"Plan on coming early," said another.

No matter what their plan of attack, everyone seemed to agree that's it well worth the drive and the walk.

In previous years, some downtown garages offered free parking, but this year most of them are charging from $3 to $5 to park for on the waterfront.