Monster Truck Victim Speaks Out

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This home video capturing a monster truck losing control is terrifying enough for any viewer. But imagine watching the enormous vehicle bearing down on you and your young daughter. That was Amy List's reality Thursday afternoon, though it happened so fast, she barely knew what hit her.
"Last thing I remember is just it coming over the cars and it being normal, i didn't hear screaming or running and then I woke up and it sounded like there were a lot more injured," says Amy List.
List and her four-year old daughter Krista were the most seriously injured when the monster truck lost control and veered into a crowd, sending at least nine people to the hospital. Krista has a fractured skull and Amy has staples in her head.
The accident happened during a demonstration outside a NAPA Auto Parts store in Dekalb. NAPA had gotten permission from the city to hold the demonstration in town, on the street, with no barrier shielding the crowd.
"They just needed a bigger area in my opinion, but with them doing it and they had their little NAPA security people telling us just to back up and you know i guess everyone thought it was safe," says List.
Her husband, Keith, was at work when he got the call his family had been hit.
"I got a lot of anger built up in me right now. A lot of it has to do with it being held in town, it being permitted to do in town. A lot of fear going through me right now. We're not sure what's going to happen in the next few days with my wife, my daughter," says Keith List.
The Lists have spoken to a lawyer, though they have not made up their minds whether they'll file suit, against NAPA Auto Aarts or the driver. For now they're just focusing on getting better.
Right now police say they are going over the interview with the monster truck driver, as well as witness accounts. They will also examine the truck for technical malfunctions. To find out just what went wrong.
The Dekalb accident is a rare cause, but it is not unique. There have been at least eight other monster truck accidents causing injury since 1992. In five of those cases a spectator was killed.

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