Neighborhood Watch

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This past March, Mallquist Park area resident Carol Pysher had the rudest of awakenings.

"Five months ago, my car was stolen and that kind of made me mad that someone violated my space like that, so what I did was put together a group of four people," Pysher said.

Those four people grew into the Mallquist Park area neighborhood watch. Now, armed with 20 volunteers on constant call, the group is seeing results in cleaning up their neighborhood.

"We're seeing less speeders. Rockford's Police Department has been good setting up speed bumps people aren't driving 60 to 70 miles per hour anymore," Pysher said.

Speeders, gangs and prostitution are all things group chairman Terry Olson and others are eager to have out, and help stay out for good. For volunteer Nanette Johnson, being involved in the watch is simple for three important reasons.

"I have three children. I'm not going to have people drive me out of my home. I'm going to drive them out of my neighborhood first," Johnson said, “and as the group grows every meeting, members have a message for those looking to cause trouble in around their homes.

"Watch it. We're watching you. You're going to get caught," Olson said. "We are living here we our raising our kids here they need to go.

"This is our neighborhood for the kids the elderly to sit and relax. We're not going to take it," Pysher said.