Monster Truck Accident

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Lisa Heffron was hoping for a fun afternoon with her family at a monster truck demonstration outside a Dekalb Napa Auto Parts Store. But Heffron soon realized something seemed very wrong. There was no barrier between the crowd and the demonstration.
"Me and the railroad guy were like you know hopefully someone doesn't get hurt, everybody's so close and then right after that it happened, it just went out of control," says Heffron.
Heffron watched from across the crowd as the monster truck lost control and plowed into the crowd, hitting her twelve-year old daughter and breaking her elbow. It hit two other family members even harder, 26-year old Amy List and her four-year old daughter, Christa.
"I started screaming and ran over there and they were laying over there and my daughter was in the bushes," says Heffron.
Amy List is doing much better at O.S.F St. Anthony's. Christa is in the I.C.U. at Rockford Memorial Hospital, with a fractured skull. Police say seven other people were also hospitalized in the accident, though the truck driver is doing fine.
No one from Napa Auto Parts has come forward to comment on the safety of their monster truck demonstration. Police say that's part of the investigation still ahead.
"It's still pending, they'll be interviewing witnesses and the driver," says Dekalb Police Lieutenant Dan Grace.
Police are not releasing the truck driver's name, nor anything he said during questioning. They say it's up to the state's attorney whether he'll face any charges.
From here on, police say the investigation will center around whatever the driver can tell. They say he is understandably very upset. They'll also interview witnesses and examine the truck for technical problems.
Police and witnesses say the only security Napa provided was several guards standing around the outside of the demonstration. They kept fans from getting too close, but sadly could not keep the truck from reaching the fans.

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