Out With the Old, in With the New

JC Penney has been a part of the Rockford community since 1920. Wednesday started the newest chapter of that history, as the doors to Penney's CherryVale Mall location opened for the first time.

But while it's in with the new, it's out with the old. The JC Penney store in Colonial village mall closed its doors for good on Saturday, leaving a big void in the mall, and creating a feeling of uncertainty for the mall's remaining tenants.

For years, Penney's was a pillar of the shopping center on the city's East Side, but with the store now vacant, and business declining at many of the smaller stores in the center; some merchants are wondering just how long they can stay afloat at Colonial Village.

Meanwhile, managers from the mall's other anchor store, Bergner's say there are no plans to close the store anytime in the near future, citing the 40 wonderful years the store has already occupied space in the mall.