Condemned Homes

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Just when one basement wall is replaced, another one comes down. The Macias home flooded once again. And for the second time in less than a year, their 15th Street address is condemned.

"It feels bad it's our house I mean we can't come in our house we understand as far as safety but we shouldn't be going through this," says Erick Macias.

12 other Rockford families are going through the same thing. The Rockford Fire Department, Human Services and the Building Department are touring the area, searching for those who need help.

"We've seen some basements collapse a lot of water damage a lot of flooding as you can see there a lot of mud a lot of gook and a lot of heat," says James Vronch, Senior Property Standards Inspector.

And in the heat, the Macias family is throwing out what's left of their basement. And preparing for yet another 60-thousand dollar repair job.

"We're handling it with a lot more calm this time we're a lot cooler cause yeah it's a tragedy but there's no point in being sad and crying and being mad at people," Macias says.

So from here, they plan on staying at a relatives. And just pray flood insurance will cover more than it did in the past.

The city has surveyed about 253 homes. IEMA is in town meeting with city leaders. And in a news conference today, we asked what the city can do differently this year to improve our chances of getting funding.

"There is absolutely nothing that needs to be done differently," says Paul Rasch from IEMA.

City workers have started gathering data much earlier than last year so both the state and federal governments get a full picture of the seriousness of the flood. State and federal investigators will survey the area next week.

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