Kerry Campaign Hits Beloit

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Kerry supporters started lining up before 9 a.m. to get the best seat for Kerry's speech at 12:30 p.m. This is an exciting day as Kerry is the first presidential candidate to tour Beloit in 44 years.

But with a candidate's visit comes extra security measures and protestors. About 4,000 people braved the heat and humidity to concentrate on getting Kerry and Edwards in the White House.

Ginger Spaight from Janesville says, "He symbolizes more jobs, better paying jobs like what we had in 2001."

The democratic message isn't what these Bush/Cheney supporters want to hear. Some protestors carried flip flops saying Kerry flips sides on important issues like education and health care.

Bush supporter Bev Mulligan tells 23 News, "It's important to show that Bush does have support here in Wisconsin."

Among the crowd of supporters is the undecided voter waiting to hear if the Kerry-Edwards ticket makes promises on the same issues in person.

Undecided voter Sheri Disrud said before Kerry's speech, "I'm leaning heavy on Kerry but I want to see what it he is all about."

Maybe the final push to get Sheri's vote came when Senator Kerry autographed her free copy of his new book, "Our Plan for America."