9 Police Officers Promoted

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It's a big day for the Rockford Police Department, 9 officers have a whole lot more responsibility. But there's concern those promotions will put officers still on the street at risk.

The Rockford Police Department is already down 18 officers. Today's ceremony will take three more off of patrols. Police Chief Chet Epperson tells us they hope to hire between 20 and 25 more officers soon, but they wouldn't be ready to hit the streets until the end of 2013. We talked with RPD’s union president Terry Petersen, who says that creates a lot of pressure on the officers who are left.

"More bureaucracy, it's not cost effective for the city, it's going to cost more money and the standard of service that we're going to be able to provide is going to be diminished,” Petersen said.

Chief Epperson argues that even though there is a national shortage of qualified candidates, he can't deny good workers a promotion.

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