Deadly Driving

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Holidays usually mean extremely heavy traffic and law enforcement warning motorists to use caution, but in a recent study we were surprised to find out that more crash deaths occur in August than any other month.

Joe Rowlett was shocked and says, "I always thought Christmas, 4th of July and Labor Day, but not August."

A similar response came from Dan Walter who says, "I would of never thought that. Okay, I'll be careful."

August 3 is a date with that really has no connection with anything significant, but according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, August 3 is one of the deadliest days on the road.

That date is ranked number as the fourth right after 4th of July weekend and December 23. August 6, August 4 and August 12 also made the top 10 days with the most deaths.

It took 17 years to research and compile these deadly days. Last year the August 4 theory proved to be true. One man died and his wife was in serious condition at an accident on I-90, but why August tops the list for the most crash deaths per day can be mind boggling.

Lt. Bob Springer with Winnebago County Sheriff's Department told 23 News,"During these summer months there are a lot of people taking vacations. Traffic is heavier than normal. Summer also means more construction and many drivers patience is tested."

More miles are traveled in August than any other month. With school out for the summer, that means more teens are behind the wheel and unfortunately teen traffic deaths peak.

Here in Winnebago County, the Highway Safety's research matches local statistics. The July 4 weekend is when most motor vehicle deaths occur, so this August the hope is to break the trends and practice defensive driving.