Perryville Extension Update

Those living close to the Perryville extension in Machesney Park have two main concerns. First is safety. The county has said new plans for the Perryville extension will be within 30 feet of some peoples homes. People who live in those homes feel that is way to close for comfort. But residents are also upset because they feel their elected leaders pointed them in the wrong direction. The say the village didn't explain that the final decision wasn't one for Machesney Park to make, it was for Winnebago county.

"we're not opposed to Perryville Rd, most of us knew about it but we were told sixty feet,” says Pamela Canfield, a concerned resident

“We feel like we were given bad information and now the defense to that is its not their project its the county, and we should have been talking to the county all along,” says Tracy Burns. Burns went on to say that this experience has cast a negative shadow on the Villages local politicians.

“I'm as concerned about safety as much as the residents are and that’s the main reason that I got involved,” says Linda Vaughn, Machesney Park mayor.

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