Interior Changes in the Rockford School District

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The most recent changes are taking place in the administration building.

Checking the building directory might be a mandatory stop in the Rockford school district administration building. Departments and services are on the move. According to Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson the interior remodeling is to improve communication within the district. But relocating the records department is to comply with federal laws. The Rockford school district was in clear violation of three laws that pertain to the security of student records. Before, the files were stored in clear view. Now they are under lock and key in file cabinets in a locked room in Roosevelt Center.

Those applying for district jobs will notice a change. The human resource department is also in a new much larger spot. Three computers are available to provide the technology that job seekers need to apply for a position in the district.

On the third floor, the finishing touches are being made to house the special education department. The remodeling project is all being paid for out of the facilities budget. Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson says this is all to avoid the misuse of district dollars.

As for the Rockford school district outsourcing jobs, Dr. Thompson tells 23 News that he has extended the bid process. For another two weeks the district will accept bids to possibly outsource bus drivers, food service staff and maintenance workers.