Higher Education Seen as Job Security

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"In today's workforce, if you don't have higher education, a bachelor's degree is just not enough anymore," Rockford College Student Aria Ruotsi said.

Ruotsi is getting a Bachelor's in business administration at Rockford College. She wants to get a Master's to compete in the sales and marketing job market. Many others in the area also have a similar plan. A Bachelor's and Master's in business and a Master's in eudcation have become quite popular.

"We've had explosive growth in those areas and we just outgrew our space," Assistant Professor Stephen Kadamian said.

An increase in students is posing a need for more space. Professors said people afraid of getting laid off are wanting a Master's for job security while others are...

"People who are out of work looking for a leg up when the economy does pick up and recover thinking 'I need an advanced degree to enhance my career'," Kadamian said.

So, the college is expanding - the most substantial its seen in 30 years. Soon those programs will call home to a 9,000 square-foot building along East State Street. It will be equipped with the latest technology which is something students see as a competitive advantage expanding beyond the classroom.

"If they know they can get their MBA here and have a nice facility it just increases the opportunity for success," Ruotsi said.

The first round of classes will begin here in late April. Crews are still finishing up construction on the new building. They hope to have a grand opening for it in early May.

The college is accepting applications to the college's Masters and Bachelor's programs. If your interested call 815-226-4000 for more information.

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