IRS Special Agent Training : The Adrian Project

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"Bang, bang, bang, police with a warrant, open up!"
They may not look like it, but these are accounting majors. And right now they are experiencing life through the eyes of an Internal Revenue Service special agent.

"I could feel my heart pumping, I know it was just plastic guns but you still get that rush," said Eric Fletcher, Accountancy major.

The students are put through a number of scenarios by real IRS agents as part of "Project Adrian." It's designed to help show off potential accounting careers in law enforcement.

"We are the criminal investigation arm of the Internal Revenue Service, most general public and accounting students dont know the IRS has a criminal investigation division, " said Jason LeBeau, IRS special agent.

The day started with an under cover surveillance operation, where they followed a low level drug dealer, and the busted him after a sale.

By taking meticulous notes, and interrogating their suspect, the group was able to obtain a warrant, and go after his boss.

They arrested him, and during their search found potentially inciminating financial imformation in places normally wouldn't look.

"You're going to find stuff like that that's just disgusting but you gotta deal with it."

Then they took it all back to their HQ where they used what they call forensic accounting , and discovered some suspecious cash deposits in the suspects discarded bank statements.
"We follow the money, we try to determine where the money came from, and where the money went and that's what the students did today, they took all the documentation they got from different sources, and tried to piece it all together like a puzzle," Jason LeBeau, IRS special agent.

Fourty IRS agents took part in today's demonstration, and for anyone worried about seeing an armed agent at their door, we have just under three weeks to get our taxes done.

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