Illinois Attorney General Talks Professionalism at NIU

Lisa Madigan presented the "17th Annual Francis X Riley Lecture on Professionalism" at the campus' College of Law.

The attorney general spoke about government transparency and how it is vital to beginning reform and regaining people's trust.

Madigan also says debt settlement scams are on the rise as consumers try to make mortgage payments and deal with credit card debt. She says right now Americans are facing more than $1 trillion in credit card debt. Madigan says that's why her office is trying to educate the public.

"You've got to be really careful in these economic times, to save your hard earned dollars and put them to good use, not to lose them to scam artists," says Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

For more information on anything from mortgage payments and credit card debt, to how to avoid being a victim of identity theft or other scams, visit and click on the guide that says 'Every Cent Counts.'

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