Cool Summer Affecting Businesses

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At Sonco Pools and Spas, above ground pools are not necessarily flying out of the showroom. You can thank the Summer of 2004, which to this point has produced just one 90° high temperature, for the nearly 15 percent decline in pool sales, but according to owner Mike Peterson, that's not all. Peterson says sales of pool toys and accessories have also suffered.

On the plus side, however, sales of pool maintenance and cleaning supplies have remained steady, and the spa business is booming! While conceding that it's time to start thinking about next year, Peterson is still holding out hope that one more hot spell could help business this summer.

A hot spell is the last thing that workers at Fritchen's Nursery want to see. There, business has been slowly, but steadily improving.

General Manager Clayton Guler says the cool, tranquil weather has provided a break for gardeners, who for the past two months, have dealt with excess moisture, mosquitoes, and other problems.

Still, it's early, and we never know Mother Nature's next trick.