Perryville Road Extension Draws Controversey

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"They're going to be east of the roadway." Curt Sanders is talking about the cars that will drive by his Machesney Park home along the future extention of Perryville Road. And if you ask him, they'll be going by a little to close for comfort. "The Perryville Road Extention, what they're doing is putting this way to close to the rear property lines of our homes," Sanders said. " He says he's one of at least 50 neighbors concerned about this project, which is already getting underway in the neighborhood with these trees down...and these stakes in the ground. The proposed route takes Perryville from Route 173 to Swanson Road via Mitchell road...the road behind Sanders home. Sanders says his back property line is 30 feet from the EOP, or end of pavement from the extention road. Sanders says he's not opposed to the extention project along Mitchell Road. He just wants it pushed back either on the road itself or further west. His top for children. " We're concerned about an errant car coming through the yards and hurting a child," Sanders said. There's also concern from neighbors that the route was changed to be closer to their homes....but a project engineer tells 23 News the current alignment isn't anything new...and that's it's hard to judge the safety concerns from residents. Sanders says he plans to fight this extention route...and move these stakes further away from home. That project engineer, Wayne Vlk with Winnebago County,
says there is a chance the for a possible change in the extention route. But he stood by his feelings that the current alignment isn't much different than you see on other area roads near homes. There are two meetings Monday night on the extention project. Both are at 6:30 pm. One is at the Machesney Park village hall. The other is at a private home where residents plan to meet to discuss their concerns.

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