Residents Devastated Over Drowning

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It was Drew Tennant's birthday Saturday. He had breakfast at the Lakeside Inn restaurant across the street from Lake Summerset. He originally planned to spend the day on the water, but found he just wasn't feeling up to it. "We weren't in the mood at all, this is a terrible situation and just kind wanted to avoid being in the lake," Tennant said.
That terrible situation began Friday night, when a 14-year-old girl disappeared while swimming in Lake Summerset. Recovery crews found her body 7 feet underwater. "Alot of tables that came in today have asked about that, what happened, there wasn't too much we knew last night," said Waitress Amanda Ferguson. As the news of the girls death circulated Saturday morning, Ferguson could sense customers' spirits were down. Tennant says this tragedy hits hard because he and his neighbors just aren't used to something like this. "This is a very secure community and a safe place to be, you see something like this and all the medical vehicles coming down the streets and it's not typical." He says Lake Summerset is a tight-knit community and the people there have heavy hearts, making this tragedy all the more difficult to swallow.

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