Recovery Effort Underway in Lake Summerset

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Bert Axelson hangs out on his deck Friday night...Overlooking a search and rescue scene hitting a little to close to home. "It's devastating for me. It happened right in my front yard and I'm trying to get the picture of what's happening here," Axelson said. Authorities and rescue crews responded to Axelson's yard along Lake Summerset close to 5 p-m Friday. They got a report of a missing 14-year-old girl who was last seen going underwater and never re-surfaced. Working the scene Friday night was more than a half dozen search and rescue crews. They came armed with special sonar imaging equipment to look for the missing girl. Even with the equipment, it wasn't easy for rescue crews to get a clear picture. "It's hard to determine what's under the water, what kind of obstables are under there. When we do the recovery effort we have to proceed cautiously." Sheriff deputies aren't releasing the girl's name yet. But they say she was out on boat with friends when she went missing. Recovery crews plan to work through the night as long as they can. For those watching the scene like Axelson, they're just praying for a recovery. "I just hope they find that girl." And bring an end to a tragic summer day at the lake. Neighbors in the area say the last drowning in the lake happened 15 years ago, involving a young boy.