Local Leaders React to Passing Health Care Reform

Congressman Don Manzullo is trying change that by joining some of his congressional colleagues in urging Attorney General Lisa Madigan to sue as well. He says he's been contacted by several constituants with pre-existing conditions who are concerned they won't actually be helped. Manzullo also fears this new plan will cause our nearly 20% unemployment to get even worse.

"This bill that has passed is a job killer, because everytime you pass a bill that will cost employers more money that means less people will be going to work and my concern is it will add to the unemployment in Northern Illinois, that's the last thing we need." said Manzullo.

"I know 27,000 who don't have healthcare that are probably happy today you know Im fortunate I worked in private industry and now in public and I had healthcare so we have alot of people who need this to be passed." said Mayor George Gaulrapp.