Lawsuit Discussion on Gay-Straight Alliance

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23 News initially found out about this meeting from a posting on the social networking website, Facebook. It said the meeting would feature a Chicago A-C-L-U representative to discuss what would happen if a lawsuit was filed against the school district if it rejects a proposed Gay-Straight Alliance club. Now we got inside that meeting tonight at teacher Cathy Aubrecht's home. But she told us it was private and asked us to leave. We inquired about the A-C-L-U representative and were told by them to call their office tomorrow for a comment. All together there was probably about 20 people at tonight's meeting...And it wasn't just students....there were some adults as well. Earlier this week, a school board committee rejected the idea for the club. But the matter still goes before the full school board for a final decision and that could possibly come later this month.

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