Student Takes Stand in Shooting of Principal

Hainstock took the stand in his own defense today at his murder trial in Sauk County. He testified he thought Klang might be able to help him stop other students from teasing him.

The 16-year-old testified he instead, shot Klang by accident as the two fought in the hallway of the school.

Defense attorneys repeatedly asked Hainstock if he meant to kill the principal and he replied that he did not.

Prosecutors must show Hainstock intended to kill Klang when he fired the gun.

Hainstock says he missed the bus last September 29th, so he started up the family's truck to drive to school. And, when he went inside the house to turn off the lights, he decided to get his father's shotgun and revolver to scare people at school and possibly get them to listen.

Hainstock's attorney, Jon Helland, asked him why he loaded the weapons. Hainstock says it was "just a reaction."

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