Old Warship On The Move

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) -- A World War Two ship that serves as a military museum will embark next month on a trip to river towns in Illinois.

Plans call for the L-S-T 325 to dock in Peoria (Illinois) and Henry (Illinois) as it travels along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The ship is scheduled to depart from Evansville, Indiana, on August 17th and return about 30 days later.

Museum director Mike Whicker says the crew also hopes to stop in Seneca (Illinois) -- home of a shipyard where L-S-Ts were constructed during the war.

The L-S-T 325 was launched October 27th, 1942, and commissioned four months later.

It landed on the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day invasion of Europe and made 43 more trips across the English Channel, ferrying troops and equipment to soldiers.

It also helped British and American combat units launch an invasion on Sicily.

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