A Gay-Straight Alliance Is Not Recommended In Hononegah

Finger pointing, shouting, and even tears were all a result of a meeting to discuss the formation of a gay-straight alliance at Hononegah High School. This time around many students showed up. Some against the idea of a support group for homosexuals, but the majority of students fought for the group.

“The people opposing this are basing they opposition mostly on religion and I don’t think there is any place in the public forum for that,” says Ryan Rainey a Hononegah student.

But the majority of the public at the meeting want the school to have nothing to do with a gay straight alliance. Feeling the homosexual life style is unsafe and has been wrongfully supported in the media in the last few years.

“It spread and spread ever since and now they are bringing it into the high school as it's perfectly all right, and it says in here (in the bible) it was Adam and eve it wasn't Adam and Steve,” says Victor Procopio a parent from Loves Park.

In the end the co-curricular committee decided to recommend against a gay straight alliance. Saying the issues of homosexuals can be incorporated into all ready existing groups. Something the teacher who's been asked to lead the group says won’t happen.

“Anything we try to do to promote or to acknowledge or to accept our gay and lesbian students would probably not be tolerated,” says Cathy Aubrecht.

The full board of education will have the final vote in the matter.