Gay-Straight Alliance

ROCKTON, Wis. (AP) -- Community members in Rockton will get a chance tonight to weigh in on a proposed Gay-Straight Alliance at a local high school.

At last week's meeting, Hononegah High School teacher Cathy Aubrecht said she requested the organization because a student approached her about it.

The district's lawyer told that crowd of about 50 there's a strong legal precedent favoring gay-straight alliances. But some citizens who spoke afterward asked the district committee to deny the request.

After citizens express their opinions tonight, the district's co-curricular committee is expected to discuss the issue and make a recommendation to the full board.

Some parents have suggested the district appoint an adviser trained to handle issues an alliance may bring up.

Other parents have said high school students are too young to understand their sexuality, so the topic should be discussed at home.

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