Boil Order

With the water supply possibly contaminated in parts of the city, a boil order has been issued until the water is deemed safe.

This is taking quite a toll on area businesses.

It’s was not a typical Wednesday afternoon at Gaspo’s Auto Inn. There, business was down 25 percent due to the boil order to which they must adhere. The order completely changes the way drinks are served, how some food is cooked, and how dishes are washed.

A cook at the Inn says he must boil pots of water continuously, change the pots, change the way they do the dishes, adding 20 or 25 minutes to the job.

Gaspo’s is just one of many businesses and homes affected by the order. The boil order covers a large area, bounded by West State Street, the Rock River, Marchesano Drive, and Euclid Avenue. Quizno’s on South Elm Street falls in that area. However, the lunch business there didn’t suffer at all. Why? Because workers there we’re fully aware of the order until mid-afternoon!

Owner and Manager Shelby Miller says it concerns her. They’d sold a lot of fountain drinks, coffee and tea already.

Now the fountain soda and lemonade machines there are for the time useless. They even use an au jus for some of their meats that use the water. That too, is not possible, unless water is brought in from an outside source.

Shelby’s hope is that the order can be lifted before this weekend. That’s because a convention at the Metro Centre across the street from Quizno’s is expected to draw people by the thousands, and bring her restaurant a big boost in business.

If you’re a homeowner in the area affected by the boil order, here are some tips to keep your cooking and drinking water safe.

-Boil your water vigorously for at least three minutes.
-If that’s not possible use bleach solutions.
-Use just five to ten drops for each gallon of water.
-Mix it thoroughly, and let it stand for at least 30 minutes.