They're Back

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It's been more than a year that the 333rd Military Police Unit has been a part of Operation Enduring Freedom. At around 8 a.m. Sunday morning, the unit landed in Wisconsin at Volk Airfield and is finally back on U.S. territory.

Hours after seeing her son Jeremy come off the tarmac with his active duty complete, this proud mother, Sue Warneke, had trouble letting go.

Warneke says, "He popped up out of the crowd and I couldn't stop hugging him."

Sue Warneke says the 333rd mission's had its rough spots, but the 180 member unit persevered and made the Freeport area proud.

As president of the Family Readiness Group, Warneke helped get the word out about the battalion's arrival. Warneke says the strong support system was out in full force to welcome the soldiers home.

The unit was expected to return in late April, but had their stay extended. Despite that, Warneke says any lingering frustration vanished at the sight of their loved ones in uniform.

As her son re-adjusts to civilian life at home, Warneke is excited for the future.