Political Reaction

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Illinois democrats are buzzing about John Edwards Tuesday. The state has a strong tradition of supporting democratic presidential candidates, and party leaders believe the two John ticket will win Illinois' electoral votes this November.

"I think it's a great decision on John Kerry's part. It shows in his first major decision making opportunity, he made the right choice," said Winnebago County Democratic Party Chairman Greg Tuite.

Tuite says he's not surprised that John Kerry tapped Senator John Edwards as his running mate, and believes Edwards' humble beginnings will appeal to voters here in the Midwest.

"He has a very similar background and upbringing as the hardworking people of the Midwest," said Tuite.

Supporters say Edwards' background as a trial attorney will help the ticket, giving him an edge on the campaign trail.

"He knows how to speak to people. He knows how to persuade people. He knows how to make a case for himself and his client, and that tells me that he's able to connect with people," said David Monteleone, a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.

Expert says trial lawyers also tend to be generous political donors, but will everyday stateliners decide to support the ticket with their votes and their wallets?

"I think with this addition, yeah, I think all of the Edwards' followers will jump on board and donate to the campaigns."